Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Need Two Bedrooms?

It happened again this week. I was sitting at dinner with a group of friends and they kindly asked about my book project. As we chatted about our book about couples sleeping together, the talk turned - as it always does - to our own sleep issues. It soon became clear that all of the women had problems sleeping with their partner, and several had abandoned the practice altogether. And, by the way, these are all women in long-term, happy marriages.

The main complaint? Snoring. Other complaints? Too much body movement and conflicting sleep schedules.

This is a little detail that never would have come out if I'd been writing a book about, say, the military history of Japan. But now I hear this all the time. That's one reason I love working on this project - it gives me a fascinating peek inside people's lives (or under their covers, as the case may be). We assume that all married couples sleep blissfully together at night, snuggled together, with no greater problem than cold tootsies. This just isn't true. In fact, many homes are now being built with two master bedrooms. Here's a link that'll give you everything from information about the topic to links and master plans for homes:

It's a fascinating trend. Is it just for the affluent who don't know what to do with all their money? Is this a crazy trend? Is it a movement inspired by homebuilders who want to make bigger and bigger homes? Or is it just smart?

The actor Michael Caine said the secret to a happy marriage is separate bathrooms. ( Maybe it's really separate bedrooms!


AnnaB said...

Oh, how I wish my husband and I had separate bedrooms. Wasn't it Virginia Woolf who said a woman needed a room of her own? (Or was it somebody else?) Whoever it was, they were right! I'd love my own bedroom with pink-flowered wallpaper and a girlie bedspread.

Jacob said...

Yep Annab. I would like a nice room with deep rich fabrics and dark wood furniture. My wife would die, but I could do without the frilly wallpaper and bedspread in our room now. Oh well, I do like having a nice warm body to snuggle up to so I put up with the decor!

Heffalump said...

I love being able to sleep next to my husband in spite of the snoring and other sleep problems that arise. We get to spend so little time together that at least we are close by each other every night.
My Grandparents have separate rooms because of Grandpa's snoring, and when family visits them they always have to sacrifice and be in the same room together (they only have two bedrooms).

Lisa Ray Turner & Robert Turner said...

I do occasionally hear women say they are reassured to hear their husband snoring next to them, like you, Heffalump. This is so nice! Maybe it depends on whether you're a light sleeper. If Robert snored, I don't think I'd sleep much. And while we're voting on bedroom decor -- peach walls and lace curtains for me! (We have blue walls and sensible, sun-shading drapes. :-))